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Jun 10, 2002 04:54 PM


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I found a dynamite Brazilian restaurant in New York City called "Delicia". It was reminiscent of a small kitchen off some random back street in San Paolo with a staff (kitchen and servers) that could barely speak English. Regardless, I am in search of a good Brazilian restaurant in the Washington DC metro area. Any help?

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  1. Jeffrey: I go to Green Fields for rodiçio. The meat is OK, but the buffete is skimpy. I don't know anyplace around here that serves a decent feijoada or bacalhau.

    My favorite restaurants in São Paulo are Antiquarius (there's also a Rio branch) and A Jardineira. What are yours? When I went to the former with Jim Fallows (who's lived in London, Tokyo, LA and elsewhere), he said he had the best meal of his life there. I would probably feel the same way if I could remember all the meals I've had.

    Boa sorte!

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      I am disappointed you haven't found decent feijoada. I am guessing things like camarão na moranga or a decent bowl of muqueca de peixe is out of the question ;)

      In terms of great restaurants, I have had pleasurable experiences at Tarsila, Bolinha Restaurant, and Parigi. I have heard good things about Antiquarius but never dined there.

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        You might want to try Grill from Ipanema in Adams Morgan (Columbia between 18th and Kalorama). Great food and atmosphere. The moqueca is great and I would also highly reccommend the beef dishes. Also, make sure you start off with a caipirinha or two, and make sure you leave room for dessert.

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          I'd like to second Jeffrey's recommendation. I've eaten there a couple of times and found it quite good.

          In addition, there's a passable version of a feijoada made with easy-to-find American ingredients in "The New Basics" cookbook (Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins). For a more authentic flavor, add just a little dende oil to the recipe--and to heck with the food police!!!

          I also have several authentic recipes, but the ingredients are very hard to find around here. Feel free to e-mail me if you need more info. (Note: preparation time for these recipes is usually 3 days...)

    2. Isn't there a Brazilian rest. off Wisconsin Ave. nr Tenley Circle?
      I'm not sure - the sign in front of Greenfield on Rockville Pike has changed to something-Cafe. Change of cuisine or just owners?

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        The restaurant you mention in Tenleytown is called Vida Loca. I know they serve food, but I'm under the impression it's more of a night spot, (though I haven't been myself).

      2. You guys are making me very hungry for feijoada. There is nothing in the Baltimore area that resembles good feijoada...sorry to report.

        Next time you head up to NY, stop in Newark, NJ and visit the Ironbound district. There are mostly Portugese restaurants, grocery stores, and shops, but some Brazilian too.

        Once a year I try and make a pot and invite the uninitated...believe me, I don't invite the "picky" eaters.