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Feb 27, 2001 10:13 AM

Embarcadero One

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Where can I have lunch at? I'm at Embarcadero one today.

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  1. Quick or leisurely? Cheap or $$$? For one?
    Real good Italian Sandwiches at Palio on Montgomery at Clay, or Sacramento. Soups good too.
    #8 shrimp dumplings at Hon's Wun-ton House on Kearney btwn Clay and Montgomery-cheap.

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    1. re: Anne H.

      My favorite close to there is Sai's Restaurant. Good Vietnamese food. Tends to get crowded. 505 Washington St. Of course, there's always Yank Sing on Clay X Battery.

      The rest of these are a little walk (5-7 min)

      For cheap but wonderful Thai, try Cham-Am Express Kearny X bush 307 Kearny St. Not too many seats, and you order at the counter. Across the street, in the south corner, there's a food court that you have descend into. It's not really visible from the street, I think it has blue awnings. There's a whole gallery of really cheap but decent Asian food there. Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese. There's also Japanese, but it's only so so.

      SF soup company at 50 Post serves up really interesting soup daily. It's inside the galleria mall.

      good eatings.