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Jun 10, 2002 09:02 AM

TenRen in College Park

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Just visited the TenRen in College Park and it's very nice. Unlike the TenRen in Rockville, this is a tea and light munchies cafe. If you're into bubble tea (YEAH!), there are many other flavors to try here.

We didn't get to try the food (has anyone eaten here yet?) but thought the cafe looked very nice, all except for the pop music playing which I'm sure was for the college kids but contradicts the feel of the cafe.

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  1. I haven't liked any of the food there. I'd be glad to hear if anyone else has had anything good. But right now I get a bubble tea there and go to the Chinese place around the corner next to the 7-11 if I need a meal. No atmosphere but the food is better.