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Feb 26, 2001 04:09 PM

We have 2 nights in Sonoma area

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We'll be in Healdsburg for a couple nights and want to eat two fantastic dinners. Any suggestions? Or should we wander over to Napa valley for dinner? (Note: We've been to Terra and loved it. French Laundry is a bit out of our price range right now.) We don't care much about atmosphere--we're looking for outstanding food but not too outrageously priced.

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  1. You have much from which to choose, even staying within a small radius of Healdsburg. In Windsor, think of Mariposa. In Healdsburg think of Tastings, Ravenous, Bistro Ralph, Charcuterie, Manzanita (if you wouuld like to be among the first diners at this new new restaurant). Cafe at Chateau Souverain. Santi in Geyserville. I'll stop now, because there will be other responses, probably with more detail. Enjoy your stay!

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      How would you rank the restaurants you listed? Which are your two favorites for food?

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        That's hard. I choose Mariposa and Tastings- two different experiences, each having wonderful creative chefs. Go to , then to Dining, for reviews of many restaurants by the local critic, including many detailed comments by diners. Manzanita is on my next-eat list. Search for "Willowside" in Chowhound for long string on the previous restaurant begun/owned by the owners of Manzanita-note that the chef is not the same as Willowside, but Loretta Keller of Bizou (SF) is consulting chef. You will eat well, I am sure.

        1. re: Mark B
          Alexandra Eisler

          Bruce Frieseke, the chef at Manzanita, cooked at Willowside as well.

          Go soon, so we all can hear about it!