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Feb 23, 2001 09:19 PM

good Russian restaurant?

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I know there are a few in the bay area, but what do you guys think of their quality? I primarily want the food, atmosphere doesn't matter, i can do a small deli or Metropolitan on Sat. night ;)

There are probably some russians lurking on this board. Narod, podskazhite!


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  1. My favorites are Traktir on Balboa X 42th and Katya's Russian Tea room, Balboa X 5th ave. Katya's is more traditional, older style kitchen.

    Some other ones that I have not personally been to Cinderella, between 5th and 6th on Balboa
    Russia House, 2011 Bay Shore Blvd

    There are also a few restaurants on Geary between 16th and 30th.

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      I've been meaning to try Katya's for a while. All I know about Cinderella is that they do a great poppyseed-filled pastry (available at some local stores). I've been told to avoid Russian Renaissance for full meals (overpriced and mediocre), but go for cocktails, ambience, and derves.