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Feb 23, 2001 09:10 PM

Elizabeth Daniel

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How good is this place? Comparable to French Laundry?
Chex Panisse? Gary Danko?

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  1. I dont believe anything compares to FL (at least on the West Coast),and Chez Panisse is the epitome of California Classic cuisine, so I cant really compare ED to those. However, we recently did a whirlwind and ate at Danko, Fifth Floor and ED all in a week and a half, and ED was our hands down favorite. Now my caveats: When we went to Danko, it was just after the sommelier left/released (??) and Peyton was leaving, so there was a lot of uncertainty in the air - nothing compared to the professionalism that we've viewed the times that we've eaten there before. Fifth Floor: I dont think that Morrone does a tasting menu right; too much food spaced weirdly. I would much rather order off the menu - which we had not done that night. ED is very quiet, and the only caveat is there is no valet. While self-parking is not too hard in that neighborhood at night (Financial District), it does take away from the experience slightly. IMO, you will have a great meal at any of these 3, but the kitchen has to be "on" that night for an outstanding meal. Chez Panisse and FL are always "on", although some people dont like the lack of choices at CP. I would have to say that those are my top 5 in the Bay area right now (although Fleur de Lys can sneak in, and I'm waiting for Masa's to get into full swing).

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      I read in Grace Walden's column that Daniel Patterson is bringing the chef from Alfy's to E-D. If Daniel, who is a perfectionist, thinks they will work well together, this may be the answer to any gaps in the E-D menu. We have had wonderful food there, but I've read posts about some things not pleasing the poster.
      I think the foie gras disappoints and I've not had that dish. Patterson is young and is driven, so I would guess that he'll only get better. He definitely has the talent to be tops, in my opinion.

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        "I think the foie gras disappoints" -- really?? I'm shocked. I have had it at French Laundry, Gary Danko and Elisabeth Daniel (as well as other places). E-D was the only one that took the time to remove the veins, making a substantial difference in texture, mouth feel, etc. E-D's foie gras is astounding in my opinion.

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          I'm so glad to hear you say that you loved the foie gras at E-D. I had only read that some did not like it on this board, and the not-so-great review in San Francisco Magazine panned it. I've wondered why the reviewers for that magazine have not been back for an update, since so many love the food (even if they think the decor is too severe, and/or the service too formal. I might not choose the colors but at least it does manage to feel sort of "French-ish", and I love the kitchen.)

    2. y
      you gonna eat that?

      I very much enjoyed my lunch at ED, but did not think it measured up to Gary Danko or Jardiniere (another of my favorites). Plus, the service was way too snooty-patootie for lunch.

      1. I have to say that Elizabeth Danial just didn't do it for us. For the Black Truffle menu, 2 dishes were truly great, one I can't remember and two I didn't really care to eat or finish. It just does not quite measure up for the big bucks. We enjoyed the wines they offered as an add-on to the meal. My friend enjoyed the atmosphere more than I, it is austere and hushed, nice though. The service was very nice, but did seem to have a bit of formality that comes from not being really experienced rather than polished. No complaints there, though. We decided to cancel a follow-up reservation. I am curious to try it another time.