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Rehoboth Beach Recommendations?

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I'm off to the beach for a long weekend. Are there any recommendations for a good meal? Most of the places I've tried are expensive and mediocre, or cheap and bad.

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  1. Have you tried Big Fish Grille yet? We had a very good meal there last year - before high season started, so it wasn't packed. The food from the daily specials menu was terrific, though the food from the regular menu seemed a little plain. I've heard some people say it wasn't as fabulous as, say, Blue Moon, etc., but then it is quite a bit less expensive and still serves very fresh seafood. Any thoughts on this restaurant?

    1. Grotto Pizza on the Boardwalk is touristy and usually crowded, but fun. We also like Obie's By the Sea, which is down the Boardwalk a little.

      I'd love to be able to recommend Jake's Seafood, which is a place on 1st St. that was wonderful for years. Then suddenly, last year, their portions shrunk (the crabcakes, especially, are still tasty but almost bite-sized) which put them over the edge on the value-for-$$ scale.

      1. Yum Yum does pretty decent Asian (not authentic but good nonetheless) for less than what you would expect in Rehoboth.

        Places I've really enjoyed (all in the upper ranges price-wise): Blue Moon, La La Land, Planet X. Been to Espuma and Fusion; not horrible, but for that price, I'd go elsewhere. Garden of Eden: wouldn't go for dinner, had a decent lunch there though (salads are pretty good).

        At a lower price point, you MUST have a Nic-a-boli at Nicola's. Lines out the door for a reason. The Back Porch is great for breakfast.

        For good brews, try Dogfish Head. Very innovative stuff there, which can be good or bad. Sometimes their experiments produce really cool stuff, other times it can blow up in your face.

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          Blue Moon and La La Land and you were the only one to mention them. Interesting for this board. They are the best in Rehoboth.

        2. Have you tried Chez la Mer? Classic French. It's going into its 20+ season and has never disappointed. Definitely in the upper price range but well worth it. If you're feelin' adventurous, the sweetbreads melt in your mouth.

          1. Hmmmm....

            Dogfish Head- Have to agree, funky and relaxed but food tends to miss more than it hits. When crowded, service suffers. It's a brewpub so if you're not into smelling smoke while you dine, you may want to pass.

            Yum Yum- Come to watch the beautiful (read pretentious) people and those who want to be beautiful. Food is delicious, can be crowded, not all sections of the restaurant/once a house have atmosphere. Simply depends on what you're after.

            Tijuana Taxi- Service dances around depending on how much staff they have on hand. Food has always been wonderful, prices reasonable, Margaritas HUGE!!!

            Grotto Pizza- Chain, cheap, cheesey, but hey! If you're at the beach you have to.

            Boardwalk Fries- Same as above. You just gotta. Load on the cider vinegar!!!

            Good luck!

            1. Grotto pizza is pretty good, I think. I guess it depends on where you are coming from, but compared to Richmond VA...it rocks! Also, it is not a chain. There are other locations, but it is owned by a Greek family that has been there forever.

              Must have Thrasher's french fries. The.best.ever.

              Dumsers has good regular burgers, fries and milkshakes.

              1. Try the Lamp Post for great lunch and breakfast fare. Great deals and you will leave FULL!

                Try The Cultured Pearl for sushi. I found this place to best the best sushi in the DC area, it's amazing.

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                  I have a friend who's had bad experiences (old nasty food poisoning-worthy seafood) at the Cultured Pearl.

                  I would steer clear.

                2. dont forget Crystal Restaurant for the best breakfast in Rehoboth. On the main drag, one of the first restaurants you see as you come into town (before the canal bridge) on the right.
                  can't work, thinking of sausages....

                  1. try "1776" steakhouse $$$$$$ ," zebra" ,"back porch"

                    1. It's a bit of a drive down to Fenwick Island, but we recently had an excellent meal at Nantucket's.

                      1. If you like Asian influenced food, you must try Yum Yum! Get their "yum yum cocktail." It's one of my favorite restaurants around..

                        1. Its a little pricy, perhaps, but the restaurant at the Sands Hotel on the boardwalk is the best in Rehobeth.

                          1. One of the many reasons I go to Rehoboth every year is because there are so many good places to eat there.

                            Every year, we eat at Chez La Mer. This is my pick for best in Rehoboth. La La Land has terrific food, too, but I have been unlucky with service there. At Chez Le Mer, they have wonderful food and nice service. They also have outside roof top dining, which is nice. It is very expensive though. One of their signature dishes is their bouillabaisse. It comes out in your own individual stew pot. It will take you a while to eat it all, but it is fun eating. I also love their desserts. They have a mascarpone cheese heart with raspberry sauce that is just lovely. Also, last year Monday nights were half price wine nights. You could save on your favorite or try something you wouldn't normally spend that much money on. You might want to check if they are doing that when you call for reservations (a must).

                            We also very much like Fusion. It is also expensive, but the food is very yummy. Last year I had a duck breast salad there that was out of this world. I keep trying to find something similar around here to no avail. They, too, have a nice wine list. Probably should make a reservation there, too.

                            On the more casual side, we like to go to Obie's up on the boardwalk. Food is just OK, but you can't beat it for the sound of the ocean and the people-watching.

                            One long weekend at the beach, my husband and I decided to determine the best pizza in Rehoboth. Nicola Pizza came away the winner, with Louie's a close second. Louie's also serves delicious and messy grinders. But Nicola has Nic-o-bolis. I'm telling you, it was a difficult, difficult weekend (sigh). If you don't feel like fighting the crowds, Nicola delivers.

                            As far as boardwalk fries goes, I would stay away from the chains, and head to Gus and Gus on the boardwalk. I prefer their fries over anybody's. They are also our default day-at-the-beach lunch place. They have a great location, and seasoned hands at the grill. We also love their hot dogs, which are split open long ways, and made to fit on a hamburger bun (somehow). However, if you don't like grease, this would not be the place for you.

                            For breakfast, there are some great bakeries in town. I am sure you could find one with in walking distance of where you are staying. Get some delectables and coffee to go, and eat on the screen porch of your rental, or on a boardwalk bench watching the sun come up and the dophins playing (or are those sharks?). We like the Bake Shoppe, just west of Second.

                            We also go to Le Crepe Suzette every year. It is in a strip of shops called something Mews. It is a walk-up stand with menus and specials and prices written on paper plates. The crepe makers are students from France. It is as much fun to watch them making the crepes as it is eating them. My favorite is the banana, brown sugar, and sour cream crepe. The warm crepe and the cool sour cream is just delish!!!

                            We are going for a week in June, and I can't wait.


                            Debbie S.

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                              Harlan Messinger

                              For expensive, I agree with others on Chez La Mer, especially regarding the wonderful bouillabaisse. At Amore, the food and the service were fabulous the first time we went, when the restaurant was new, but both the food and the service were disastrous when we went again a year later, like it was a completely different establishment. I don't know how it is this year, or whether it's still there.

                              In the middle, we've always been happy at Planet X, which is a real original. The steaks are good at Purple Parrot.

                              For less expensive, we've enjoyed Our Place, a door or two down from Blue Moon. Lunch is good at the Iguana Grill, though we haven't had dinner there, and Lori's Oy Vey Cafe makes good sandwiches to take to the beach. I like Tijuana Taxi but my partner doesn't care for it much so we haven't been in years.

                              1. Oh I'd like to indulge in the grease once in a while - Nicola's pizza (NOT Grotto's), Dolle's caramel popcorn, fresh-cut fries from some window on Rehoboth Ave (not Thrasher's), but Rehoboth is SERIOUSLY lacking in reasonably-priced restaurants.

                                The only 2 I can think of (i.e., that I can afford) are Tijuana Taxi & Dogfish Brewpub. I'm not counting the old diners like Lamp Post or that Peter Pan place.

                                But Fusion, Blue Moon, Chez La Mer - they have entrees around $20. Too much. HELLO RESTAURANT OWNERS - NOT EVERYONE WHO SPENDS A DAY AT REHOBOTH MAKES $75,000 & MORE A YEAR!!!! We can't afford $20 entrees & need more nice, sit-down restaurants with entrees around $8-10!!!

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                                  We have heard from several sources that Big Fish Grille out on Rte. 1 is both good and reasonable.

                                  Based on our meal there last year. Eden Garden Cafe (at least for dinner) has goneboth upscale and downhill (see my detailed post from last year). More's the pity.

                                  As for the pizza question, we are big Grotto fans but last year we decided to give Nicola a try. Sorry, but we still like Grotto better. However, Nicola's Nic-o-boli is quite tasty.