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Feb 23, 2001 08:26 PM

How's Yoshi's?

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Is it worth eating there before the show?

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  1. It's ok; fairly middle of the road; nothing to write home to Japan about. Nice setting--can sit Japanese style on mats. Convenient before a show. How about Le Cheval several blocks away in downtown Oakland for Vietnamese food? Very good and very cheap. Or Soizic is walking distance from Yoshi's--3rd and Broadway. Looks like nothing from the outside; very nice inside.

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    1. re: jennifer
      Barry Kaufman

      I agree with these choices - Yoshi's very ordinary and expensive --- check out Everett and Jones on B'way and 1st --- top of the line BBQ -- they feature blues bands over the weekend ---- ribs, chicken, links, etc. yumm - the beans are great. After Yoshi go to Bluesville - B'way and 1st --- great blues dance club -I saw Muddy Water's son last week - way cool!! and great mixed crowd.

      1. re: jennifer

        Any more dish on Soizic? We're going to hear music at Yoshi's Fri night and that sounds like it could be a good alternative to expensive mediocre sushi!

        1. re: Brad Kaplan
          Melanie Wong

          Brad, sorry for the late post. I hope you're enjoying dinner at Soizic right now! Everyone I've sent there is satisfied. I was ecstatic when the restaurant opened as I'd been a big fan of their earlier operation, Cafe Pastorale in Berkeley.