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Feb 23, 2001 08:05 PM

best hamburger in the e. bay

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I got some great answers to my soul food question and was hoping you guys could help me with another: I have yet to find an AMAZING hamburger place in the East Bay. When I lived in San Francisco, I'd go to Joe's Cable Car that I live in Oakland, it's pretty out of the way. Can anyone recommend a good place? I've been to Barney's on Piedmont a few times but I think it's gone downhill over the past couple of years; and i'm not too into the gourmet hamburger thing, anyway. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. A place with great burgers AND fries would be wonderful, though I won't hold my breath for that miracle. ;)

thanks in advance!


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  1. For fast food hamburgers (I know these are chains--don't yell @ me) Nation's and In 'n' Out Burgers are ok. The best is in Hayward: Val's; old fashioned restaurant;serves incredibly rich milk shakes out of the aluminum shakers.

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      The fries are pretty damn good, too. The only thing I recommend is to pay the extra $.50 or so and get a french roll for your burger. The regular buns don't hold up and become a soggy mess in no time.

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        Fast food: In 'n Out is better than okay. Quasi-gourmet: The Autumn Moon Cafe on Grand Ave. in Oakland does a really fantastic hamburger and fries.

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          Melanie Wong

          Good suggestion! Haven't seen any other mentions of Autumn Moon on these boards. It's in my sister's neighborhood and one of her favorite hang-outs. Very good burger indeed.

      2. If you get out to Concord. Diggers at Willow Pass and Farm Bureau Rd. This is the place. The customer base is car nuts and old hotrodders. When they had a fire, the customers donated labour and materials to get them up and running. I love them most for being able to get a hamburger from the grill to my mouth while it is hot!

        1. Even tho Emil Villa's Hickory Pit is now Emil Villa's California Barbeque, and the menu has changed drastically, they still make a great hamburger. It's cooked with onions inside if you want, cheese on top, kinda greasy bun...yum!

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            Janet A. Zimmerman

            The Red Onion in El Cerrito was my favorite when I lived in Albany, followed by Big Al's (both are on San Pablo Ave -- Al's is in Albany at about Brighton, The Red Onion is out by the Home Depot). The Red Onion is the old diner style, burgers off the griddle, with grilled onions on request. Big Al's uses a grill, and will use real cheddar on their cheeeseburgers instead of American for a few cents more. Both have acceptable but not great fries.