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May 18, 2002 07:20 PM

Location for Celebratory Dinner

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Friends of ours are planning to host a post-wedding dinner for new in-laws and the like, approximately 50 people, this November. They're looking for a restaurant for the occasion. Crtieria:

1. Good food.

2. Not stuffy.

3. DC or suburban Maryland.

4. Maximum of about $70-75 per person, all-inclusive.

5. Ideally, a separate space, or room.

6. Saturday dinner or Sunday brunch.

I've suggested Obelisk and Palena for dinner, Gabriel and Cafe Atlantico for brunch -- but I don't know if any of these would be available for such a thing.

Any other ideas?


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  1. The only thing in the MD burbs I can think of is Tragara's. The food, wine and service are all excellent. They have a beautiful private room upstairs. Might be a bit expensive though.

    Le Ferme in Chevy Chase has a private room upstairs too, for dinner or brunch. They can do an okay job, but it's certainly not Palena or Obelisk.

    On the way downtown on Connecticut is New Hieghts. Haven't been with the new chef, but perhaps you could take the whole place for brunch?

    On Wisconsin is Matisse. I thought the food was a little lacking, but the restaurant is nice enough and they have a room upstairs.

    My favorite for dinner downtown is Sea Catch. The have a very nice back dining room for private parties.

    You might try Todd Gray's Equinox. The food is excellent, and they are very accomodative.

    Bombay Club would be an interesting change of pace, especially for brunch.

    Melrose, in the Park Hyatt(?) has the best brunch in town, very expensive though.

    Taberna del Alabardero has a beautiful room. But I don't think it holds 50, maybbe 25.

    Did someone say Bistro Lepic had a private room?

    Well, that's off the top of my head.