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May 18, 2002 08:14 AM

Ok, so where would you go in Baltimore?

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The kids are having a sleepover at the grandparents and we've got an evening to enjoy a well-made, leisurely meal. It sounds like Roy's will be a waste of our evening. Where would you go?? Thanks!

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      Please don't go to Linwood's/Due. The service is dismal if they don't know you. It doesn't matter how good the food may be when it leaves the kitchen if it doesn't get to you for another fifteen minutes. Go to Charleston if you don't mind dropping some money. Go to Petit Louis Bistro, for a "Baltimore does Paris Bistro" experience (with many bargains on the wine list). Go to Vespa for the most serious Italian food in the city, and one of the most animated atmospheres. Go to the Helmand for stunning, perception-shattering Afghani food. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Darin? Pleiades?

      1. re: dbutcher

        sorry, it was a busy week last week........

        Can't add anything that hasn't already been said really. I will say that my last two lunches at Joy America have been quite good; considering the view in the evening, I'm going to have to go there for dinner soon. Pisces might be cool for an evening out, but I STILL haven't supped there. TIme to play PowerBall I guess, huh?

        Oh, the Black Olive hasn't been mentioned yet, so, there it is.

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          Ooh, ooh...definitely the Black Olive! Bring your wallet, but you'll get what you're paying for, and without the occasional attitude problems of Charleston.

    2. Chameleon Cafe on Harford rd is a great american bistro. Owned and operated by a young husband and wife team they do great food. Relaxing casual atmosphere and very reasonably priced food and wine and some well picked beers. I think they are adding outdoor seating. The cooks know good flavor. Try the cheese plate for dessert... some real interesting finds.

      1. Chameleon Cafe is an interesting choice, much more so than Linwoods/Due. I guess it would depend on what you're looking for. But have you considered Bicycle in Federal Hill? A very good and interesting meal, if price is no object. I think it's better than Chameleon Cafe.

        How come no one ever suggests Pierpoint anymore???

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          I used to love the Pierpoint, but quality control there seems to have gone AWOL. We had a celebratory meal there, but some of the dishes came out cold. I mean, I know they like to wait till everyone's dish is ready, so they can be served together, but mine was stone cold (and it wasn't meant to be). There was only one other occupied table in the restaurant at the time, too, so I can't say it was the dinner rush. I think Nancy Longo has just let go of the reins too much. She was there the night we were, but wasn't working at all. Didn't even peep into the kitchen.

          If you've got the bucks, I would go to Hampton's at the Harbour Court Hotel, or Charleston.

        2. Some tips to fit your interests

          Amici's in Little Italy Reasonable prices great food

          Ze Mean Bean Fells Point Ukrainian Fusion Cuisine solid Wines

          Helen's Garden Canton Good food, price tag varies according to day of week.

          Blue Agave a good adult choice.


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            I'm sorry, I don't usually do this, but Amici's is the "discount" Italian place in Little Italy, and not what I would think of it I had a night off from a baby. If it's Italian you're looking for, there are other, better places like Capriccios or Semolinas (which is fairly new and has gotten raves) or try the new place on Broadway called Pavarottis or something else.

          2. Pazza Luna in Locust Point would be a great choice for a leisurely, well made dinner. I've always enjoyed my meals there and it is a quite comfortable and relaxing environment. Italian - $22 -$28/entree.

            Helen's Garden on the square in Canton has good food, and is nice but still casual. You would be able to park and walk around Canton, stop in for drinks somewhere else (Cosmopolitans?) and have a nice evening out without moving the car.

            More trendy Asian Fusion options would be Ixia or Soigne. I would recommend both highly. Rumors of Ixia's decline are greatly exaggerated - I had one of my best meals in recent memory there a few weeks ago.