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May 17, 2002 03:48 PM

Lost Weekend in Baltimore

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Hi gang,
I'm meeting an old buddy from High School and we thought that B'more would be a good half waypoint for a weekend of good booze, food, and music. He's from Nashville, I'm from Philly. While B'more is not geographically 1/2 way we figured it would be a lot more fun then the rest stop on I-75. Here’s where I need some help. We want to base camp around Fell’s Point where’s a place to stay. We’re not looking at B&B’s, chains are fine. Food wise we’re going for good crab joints and the occasional Blues or R&B bar.
Whatever y’all can recommend would be helpful, especially accommodations.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Theres a hotel in the center of Fells Point I've had friends stay there for partying purposes. It's called the Admiral Fells Inn. I can't comment on the price tag. There are a variety of inner harbor area hotels that might be reasonable options as well.

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      there's also the inn at henderson's wharf, down at the end of thames street; rates are about 1/3rd cheaper than admiral fell, and rooms are larger.


    2. As for hotels, you can try the Inner Harbor Marriot. I hear that Baltimore actually has a dearth of hotels, especially if there's something going on that weekend.

      For B&B's, I know a really good B&B in the heart of Canton called the "Inn at 2920." Lovely place. Very nice proprietors. Check out their website:

      For crab joints, go to Kelly's. That's in Fells Point. Duda's, also in Fells Point, is supposed to have good crab cakes. Definately should stop into Jimmy's in Fells Point for breakfast, and Arizona up on Broadway for cheap tapas and sangria.

      If it's really a lost weekend that you are seeking, go to Birds of a Feather--the best single-malt scotch bar I've ever run into. They only have about 100 different ones.

      For blues, there's the Full Moon Saloon--live music most of the time--which is next to Birds of a Feather or Parkers, which is not far from them. Also, if you're looking for chains, the Bayou Blues cafe is on Thames Street, around the corner from the Admiral Fell Inn.

      Hope you have a great weekend, if you can remember it!