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May 17, 2002 01:08 PM


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First off, hello. I just found this site and I can't tell you how excited I am to see so much discussion about the Baltimore/Washington dining scene. I have a new favorite place.

Now to business...What are your thoughts about Roy's? I've read Elizabeth Large's review, but frankly, it seems that as long as a place has good short ribs, she's in. Any recommendations? Accolades? Warnings?


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  1. Roy Rogers? Not very many left; I know of one north of Frederick on Route 50. Love their Double-R Burger.

    Or do you mean Roy's Place in Gaithersburg, the sandwich joint? The huge menu with the funny names might impress your in-laws from Iowa, but IMO it's decent but overpriced.

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      I'm sorry that I wasn't clear. I meant Roy's in downtown Baltimore (the Hawaiian fusion restaurant).

      My bad.

      1. re: Christina D

        I ate at the Roy's in Chicago (they're popping up all over - I think there's over 20 of them now) - big plates, big presentation and overcooked fish. And it's pricey. But the dessert was yummy . . .

        1. re: Nancy

          Ate there once. Not bad, but very pricey. I was a bit disappointed to see that of all the seafood there, most of it is white fish and they seem to top the fish with very rich items. I seem to remember one dish with a cream and crab something or other. Not very easy for someone who prefers a "steakier" fish. Desert was great, but I thought with the bright yellow walls they could have turned the lighting down a bit, way too bright.
          I don't know if I'd tell evryone to go there, but I don't think I choose to go back.

          1. re: Nancy

            Wow! I had no idea he had expanded so much! Last time I knew, he only had restaurants in Hawaii and CA. We really really loved our experinces at his restaurants in Hawaii (Roy's Kahana Grill, and Roy's Nicolina, both on Maui) that we worked in a visit to his Monterray restaurant when we were in CA two years ago. It was wonderful that night, too, but he happened to be in the kitchen.

            Large expansions such as this do not usually mean good things for favorite restaurants. I will probably make a pilgrimage to the Baltimore location since I have such fond memories (however, sometimes eating on vacation makes food taste better, too. It may have tinged my tastebuds), and I will keep my fingers crossed.

            If the dessert you mention is that dark chocoloate souffle, then yes...that alone might be enough to make people go. I was quite floored by my first experince with it (many restaurants have something similar now). We had to order it when they brought our main course so it would be ready. It was DELICIOUS.

            I always learn something on these boards. I love it!!!

            Thanks all,

            Debbie S.

        2. re: LScanlon

          That's funny, I first thought of Roy's place, too. I go once every 10 years and laugh.

        3. I have been to Roy's in Tokyo, Seattle, and New York, and have been pleased each time I've eaten there.

          I think the fish is excellent, you get variety you would not see in most Baltimore restaurants

          1. Haven't been and don't plan on it. It's a concept sold by the original chef to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE GROUP. As with most corporate cookie cutter upscale chains, all the menu ideas, ingredients and instructions come in via corporate emails. Aren't any of us getting tired of the homogenization of the urban landscape.
            I urge all of the Chowhounds to try locally owned and operated establishments. Soigne, Ixia, Red Maple, Atlantic and several others all serve Asian influenced cuisine

            1. I have eaten at Roy's in the Westin in Seattle, Carmel, CA, Orlando, FL and Newport Beach, CA. I have not been to either of his two restaurants in Hawaii. I have also made approximately ten dishes out of his cookbook.
              Five or six years ago the Carmel restaurant (I believe this was his first outside of Hawaii) was excellent. The various dishes that I've made from his cookbook tasted similar there to what I prepared. In Seattle four years ago my wife and I first had his molten chocolate cake which has the hot liquid chocolate inside what amounts to a kind of souffle. Superb.
              Two years ago along with five other people I went to Roy's in Newport Beach. At the time this was the hot new restaurant there and we had to make reservations a week in advance for a Saturday and still didn't get the time we wanted.
              It had nothing in common with Monterey. The food didn't taste like that which I had made from his cookbook nor that which I had in the Monterey restaurant.
              Last year Orlando was even worse.
              I don't know how many Roy's there are around the world but it it would seem that, like Emeril's, as they expand they lose site of the original values and tastes resulting in restaurants that are overpriced and truly mediocre for what they serve. Personally, knowing how good they can be, this is a real disappointment. I have not been to Roy's in Baltimore. But based on how his food has been misinterpreted and poorly prepared in other cities it is not that which I would be excited about.

              1. I think the food there really is good; the Baltimore location has an on-the-ball head chef. Pricing does seem to have the corporate customer in mind, although that goes more for the wines on offer than the food. It is worth a visit, but I agree that I'd rather spend my money with the locals than on a big chain.