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Chester's Steakhouse

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We've eaten at Chester's in Fell's Point 10-12 times now and really like it. I have the 10 oz ribeye which comes with potato of your choice (I get the mashed, but my husband loves the very done, crunchy skin baked) for $11.95 - a 20 oz is $14.95. Green veggies are extra - great sauteed green beans which feed 2 or 3 for something like $2.50. Most importantly, they know what medium rare vs. medium means. For the price, the food is great and service (a real sticking point with us) has always been friendly and quite competent. Plus those wonderful pickles, pickled tomatoes and sauerkraut they bring you when you first arrive are delicious. The place gets crazy from Thursday through Sunday - but we go on Mondays a lot when it's quieter. Anybody else like/dislike Chester's?

Also, does anyone remember the location of Paloma's on either Harford or Belair Rd.? I used to go there with my parents in the 50s and early 60s and would dearly love to find where it was. I don't think I'm imaging this, but anything's possible at this point - wasn't there an organ grinder with a monkey out in the crab garden?

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  1. I've been to Chester's a few times, and I agree that the service is great. Unlike you, however, my friends and I have had problems with the cooking of the meat--we had a medium rare piece that came out almost raw and a rare piece that was medium. Maybe these were just hiccups. Do love the pickles and the martinis.

    1. Great staff. Decent food.