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May 15, 2002 04:31 PM

Carlyle Grill Recommendation for Dinner and a Movie

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I know many of you have been there before, but I just wanted to toss out a recommendation for the "short" salmon at Carlyle Grill in Shirlington. The crabcakes with spoonbread were great, the jambalaya pasta tasty and filling, the lobster encrusted halibut only so-so, but the salmon there is some of the best I've ever had (and we've all had quite a bit). My only warning is that the glaze/marinade on the salmon is a bit sweet, which might put off some people. Also, the downstairs gets very loud, and upstairs isn't the most intimate of spaces (seats approximately 200 on each floor). However, for a reasonably price ($120 for four with tip and drinks) but enjoyable dinner before a movie showing at the theater at the end of the block, I would recommend giving the Carlyle Grill a try.

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