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May 15, 2002 02:57 PM

Dumb blonde moving to LA where she belongs...

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You know how you sometimes go totally blank when pressured to come up with a restaurant/bar for a particular occasion? I'm in that pickle now.

I'm moving out of state at the end of June, and my boss wants to throw me a going away party. It would be a Friday happy hour affair with maybe 30 people. Can't think of anything. I don't want anything real fancy, but if I let my boss decide, we'll end up at Ruby Tuesdays. So I'm totally blank - what would be a good place to have a pretty casual gathering with plenty of drinks and some munchies that is neither a cheesy chain nor high-end haute?

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  1. Schmingrid -- say it ain't so! 'Tis truly a grievous blow to the Baltimore board. Whatever might possess you to move to LA from B'more, anyway?!

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    1. re: Marty L.

      Love, and surfing.... and I read something on the LA board about "coconut-waffle balls" that sealed the deal!

      1. re: Shmingrid

        Well, I must concede that those are compelling reasons, even though I generally hate coconut . . .

        nevertheless, you'll be missed.

    2. Shmingrid, I for one will miss your posts, and since I don't get to LA at all, I guess I won't see yours there. Well, at least the weather's better.

      In what location are you looking to have this happy hour?

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      1. re: asun

        Location = Baltimore City. Anyplace from Roland Park on down to Federal Hill...

        I'm thinking maybe Little Havana? It's big enough, has outdoors, has pool tables...

        1. re: Shmingrid

          Little Havana has the space, but if you need parking, I wouldn't recommend it.

          Here are some suggestions off the top of my head: Baltimore Brewing Co.(better parking; can go to Little Italy afterwards if need be); the Power Plant, (especially if it's nice, you can walk around with food and drink there, which could be a plus depending on who you're going to); Alonso's on Cold Spring can probably handle 30; Chesapeake Wine Company (the owner will set aside space for you, no pool tables, but at least you get to try great wine); Red Maple (also no pool tables but great food); Arizona (more adventurous).

          Hope these suggestions jostle your thinking cap!

      2. Noooooooo!!!! Oh well. Damn. You better hope that wasn't "coconut wiffle balls." Well nice to have met you and I have enjoyed your posts.

        I genuinely truly suck at pool, so I have no idea about such places. Mothers has an upstairs area that can accomodate private functions; so does LP Steamers now. Hmmm, what else.....

        1. Make him spring for the back room at Black Olive - and get them to do appetizers for the group. Maybe he'll think you said "Olive Garden" and think he's getting off cheap! They take care of large groups very nicely.