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May 15, 2002 09:50 AM

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I read with great interest the article that appeared in todays Sun papers. You, as a group, reflect my feelings as far as food is concerned. I would however like to add an additional dimension to “The Chowhounds” quest. I (and a group of friends) like to find good to great dinning experiences (great has not been achieved) where BYOB is the rule. We are a group of people who have some reasonable wines in our possession and like to enjoy them with some nice food. As an example, you can have a very nice Italian meal at Vito’s (Scotts Corner Shopping Center, Cockeysville) for a reasonable price (average $40 per couple) and BYO (which means you can have a great wine you bring for one third the cost of the wine - you bring it).

Are there other BYOB places out there that the Chowhounds could recommend? I would love to see your response and try these restaurants.

My apologizes to Lucien and Butcher for obvious reasons.

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  1. One place that comes immediately to mind in Baltimore is Samos, which many think is the best Greek restaurant in the city for the money.

    I also believe that Saigon (across from the Senator Theatre) is BYOB, and I think their pho is very good.

    1. The Orchard Market in Towson is a great BYOB place. It's off of Joppa road by Loch Raven, in the strip center behind Gardiner's Furniture. The place has wonderful Persian food and the atmosphere and decor are really nice. Entrees are in the $14 -$18 range. A really nice place and a bargin with your own wine.

      For a far more casual environment, I'd mention Fazzini's, but that might start a riot around here :)

      1. Cerando's Kitchen and Bistro
        8801 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City

        This place just opened a few months ago. The food is terrific and they are so gracious about BYOB. It certainly does cut down on the cost of the meal. A nice wine will not be wasted on their menu. There was a review of this dining spot in the Baltimore Sun a few weeks ago.

        1. For casual dining with BYOB, there are two tiny coffeehouses in my neighborhood (Hampden) that serve very good light fare called Common Ground and Golden West. What I would suggest is going to Common Ground on a weekend night when they serve entrees. Its a very limited menu--like, three entrees and one app, whatever the chef feels like making--but everything I've had was good.
          And I second the vote for Orchard Market. Just call for directions ahead of time because their impossible to find!