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May 15, 2002 08:08 AM

Baltimore Sun's coverage of CHOWHOUNDS!

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What a great surprise to read about CHOWHOUNDS in this morning's Baltimore Sun. I now feel like I know some of you out there. It was great coverage and I imagine that all of you who were interviewed were pleased. Our family is fairly new to Baltimore area and so it is a lot of fun to find great places to eat!

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  1. Could you provide a link to the article, for us out-of-towners? Thanks!

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        1. The story is in today's Baltimore Sun. Very flattering for all involved. The link is:, or click below.


          1. I just read a brief blurb in the recent Baltimore Magazine about Chowhound's too!
            I think it was near the back, in with the restaurant listings in a section called "The Dish" or something. Just a quick few lines about how great it is to have this site as a resource.
            Very cool!

            1. Looking for recommendations +/- the Towson area... Recently moved from Atlanta where choices for great food abound in and near the 'burbs. Specifically, neighborhood Italian/BBQ/Mexican/burgers for convenient AND GOOD weeknights out. Help.

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                You need to start a new thread for this question. It'll get missed in this thread about a newspaper article. (Hint: start with the thread name 'Looking for restaurants in the Towson area'. Or something like that.

              2. Excellent article, I couldn't believe it when I opened the paper and saw the blurb. This is a great board!