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May 10, 2002 01:32 PM

Potbelly Sandwich Works

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I had an Italian sandwich from Potbelly Sandwich Works (near the FBI Building downtown) and must say that it's really quite good. Have others had similar experiences with Potbelly? For under $5.00, you can get a hot [toasted] sandwich with a cookie.



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  1. Potbelly's menu looks pretty decent, but I wonder how long they'll last with that name! How many diet-conscious women will lunch at a place called Potbelly!? LOL!


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      Once you get past the name, I think lots of diet conscious folks will go there. Totally opposite from the large-portion-of-lousy-food-equals-"value" school of fast food. And judging by the lines (and the second store three blocks away), lots of folks are willing to part with $4 for a decent small meal.

    2. The Potbelly's sandwiches are pretty good & economically priced, kind of like an upscale Quizno's. I find the decor & live "entertainment" a little over the top, though, kind of like they want to be the Farrell's of the new millenium!

      1. I have one of these restaurants near my office and have tried it a couple of times. I find the sandwiches to be a bit blah, and the line and crowd a bit too much to bear. I will only go there now if I get there by 12, otherwise it's too much hassle for not enough oomph.

        1. I posted some comments further down the list. Overall, a decent buy, tastier bread than Subway, not a mouth-shredder like Quiznos, but go before the noon lunch rush. A good weekend lunch choice for when you're downtown checking out the galleries or museums.

          They still haven't opened the second store at 14th and New York Avenue. I'm sure it will be just as packed.


          1. I love Potbelly Sandwich Works. By far the best value for a sandwich in DC. I always get the turkey breast sandwich -- it's so good I can't bear to try anything else. The line may be daunting, but this is an efficient opperation -- they'll get you out of there in 10 minutes or less. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather get a quick lunch.