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May 9, 2002 12:29 PM

The Preakness and Crabs

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Heading down to Baltimore for the Preakness next weekend and going out for crabs after. Haven't been for a few years and just curious to find out if anything has changed. My preference in the past has been for Kelly's and Gunning's. Are these places still good?

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  1. I have had crabs at Kelly's 4 times in the last month or so. They are still outstanding.

    1. I don't know if you're here already, but I would second both places (although I have not had crabs yet this year; an oversight that will shortly be rectified).

      1. the best places for steamed crabs are Bills Terrace Inn, Costa's and the Barn. They are the best and all located within 20 minutes of downtown

        1. I tried Kelly's while the Preakness was underway, based on the recommendations posted here; I was not disappointed. Not only were the crabs good, so were the soups (regular and cream of crab), jalapeno poppers, etc. Only quibble here; beer prices were exorbitant - I paid $13 for a pitcher of Yuengling! Hey Kelly, give me a break! Actually, Kelly was very friendly, as were all there that day, but it was not a typical day as we arrived 15 minutes before the Preakness and the place was deserted. Also, it is not in the Inner Harbor or in Fells Point/Canton as suggested, but more like a block from Patterson Park (so you don't get lost).

          Reminded the wife and I of many happy days in other eastside bar/restaurants; really enjoyed it.