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Feb 22, 2001 01:33 PM

SJ-places by the arena

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we're going to see jimmy buffett at san jose arena and were wondering what good places are in walking distance. we're staying at hotel de anza. it's st pat's day but that doesn't have to be our choice

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  1. The Italian restaurant in the Hotel de Anza where you're staying is quite good. I last ate there in August and posted on my meal and others in the neighborhood.

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      Judith Hurley

      La Pastaia, in the DeAnza, is indeed quite good, as noted in the first reply. If you'd like a small bistro kind of place, try 71 St. Peter at 71 San Pedro. A.P. Stump's is excellent, but be prepared to spend some serious money. Both are within a block or two, just ask the concierge. And finally, any major event at the arena loads every restaurant in the downtown area, so make your reservations well in advance, and confirm them when you get to town. (By the way, the DeAnza has a free pantry policy, and they make some of the best cookies in the known world).