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May 8, 2002 02:56 PM

Seafood restaurant

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I've tried asking Tom Sietsema this a number of times to no avail...My mom is coming to town in a week and a half and wants a good seafood dinner. We've done kinkeads a number of times and, unfortunately, Johnny's Half Shell doesn't take reservations, which is a must in this case. I made a reservation at Grille 88 but keep hearing that the piano players ruin the mood (too loud or not very good) so I made a backup at Blue Point Grill in Alexandria. She's not a fan of Chart House so that's out as well. Anyone out there who can help?


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  1. What happened to Pesce? Is it gone?

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    1. re: Bob B.

      Pesce is still there, but the last time I went I was quite disappointed. I think it has gone downhill from a few years ago when I thought it was outstanding. Probably are better choices.

      1. re: Lois G

        OK I know it looks like a dive, but for my money Crisfield in Silver Spring has some of the best freshest seafood in the area. Nothing fancy or frou frou, just good. I have carried many orders of baked stuffed shrimp on planes to friends craving a taste of home.It is not far from the Silver Spring metro, so it is easy to get to. Sit at the bar and watch Ned and crew do their shucking. Weekend nights are always crammed and they don't take reservations, but if you get there before official dinner time and after lunch, you can usually find a table. Once again the decor is nothing fancy, and a wine list is nonexistent, but the seafood is most wondorous.

    2. I haven't been there but a number of posters in months passed have loved Sea Catch in Georgetown. It's on my list to try.

      1. Sea Catch in Georgetown. Mom will love it.

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          Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation for a table in the dining room. It's very nice. I'm sure they would put you there anyway, but they do have some tables in the raw-bar area, primarily for people who want them or walk-ins. They also have tables outside along the canal that are not nearly and picturesque as they might sound.

          Also, they will validate parking from the garage on 31st Street.

        2. Another vote for Sea Catch. I also like McCormick and Schmidt, even those it's not so much local. I have always like the food I got there, at both locations as well as the slightly more casual M&S Grill at 13th and F downtown.

          I liked Blue Point Grill but I have heard a lot of complaints about it lately. I would definitely recommend Sea Catch over that.

          If the weather is permitting Sea Catch also has some nice tables overlooking the canal. Very cool.

          1. if you want to take a short drive to Annapolis, O'learys is the place to go. It's a small, quaint restaurant so reservations will be a must.