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May 7, 2002 09:04 AM


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had yet another enjoyable meal here recently. So riddle me this Batman: How can a joint that provides

a) tasty, well prepared food with fresh ingredients
b) potent, well chosen wine list with good stems and 1/2 price wine night on tuesdays
c) simple, tasty desserts
d) high quality after-dinner spirits list, traditional Italian digestif list, plus good espresso

continue to suffer the whole "oh it's kind of noisy, I don't like it" complaint? I bet if you threw white table cloths down, jacked the price of everything by $5 a plate, and sent the service staff out back to choke on a fatty people would flock to the establishment.

I'm no fan of a totally noisy experience either, so I just get there around 6. No prob. Plus I don't think it is really all that noisy in there most nights. I understand the basis of the complaint, I just can't understand why it completely overshadows everything else they do.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I've loved the food, setting and service since they first opened. Their ensalada Vespa with the ever changing crutons is outstanding! As far as I'm concerned, let those who think it's too noisy stay away and stick to something old and tired in Pikesville!
    Vespa even added a curtain by the door to keep the cold draft off the tables in the center of the dining if they could only do something about that freezing air conditioning. I almost froze to death last Fall!