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Feb 21, 2001 03:19 PM


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Commentary anyone?

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  1. Only ate there once sometime back--had good mussels and frites with aioli. Hangar steak. Nice bistro atmosphere, white tablecloths and dark wood IIRC. Raw bar, but I didn't have any oysters.

    1. Just went to Belon tonight.

      Mussels with fries was my favorite of the night. The sauteed skate with cabbage, bacon and capers was excellent. The duck confit was also very good.

      We had 2 salads that were passable, while the seared ahi tuna and the grilled hanger steak were average.

      For dessert, vermont grafton cheddar with quince paste and thinly sliced apples was good, but an ever slightly more aged and pungent hard cheese would have ben better. Other good desserts were the apple tart with cider caramel sauce and the warm blood orange creped that were bundled up like bags filled with a creamy custardly sauce. The lemon cake and chocolate pot de creme was OK but not exceedingly good.

      Service was OK but unexceptional, and we had to wait 30mins for our reserved table (we had a group of ten) because another group of ten ahead of us in the table meant for us decided to have separate checks among all ten of them, thus taking quite a while. (*roll eyes in frustration*) Couldn't blame the restaurant, but would have been nice if they had volunteered menus while we were waiting so that we could get something (I had to ask for menus.)