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May 6, 2002 11:04 AM

15 for dinner, $25/head max, near Woodley Park, kid friendly

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My mom is visiting w/ a conference near Memorial Day and wants to go out to dinner with a number of her colleagues and some family members (including kids), probably about 15 people total.

They are staying near Woodley Park and would prefer to eat near there or at least near Metro (though they were willing to go to Georgetown because thats supposed to be "fancy")

I just don't go out to eat with large groups like that and the only things that came to mind were Maggiano's up near Mazza Gallery or Buca Di Beppo in Dupont. Any other ideas? I also though about the "big box" restaurants down on Maine Ave, but aren't they universally mediocre? I also thought about Perry's in Adams Morgan or one of the Ethiopian places but didn't know if they could handle a group that size or that price limit. Ideas?

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  1. Go to 2 Amy's. Right price point. The kids will love the 'za. Nice wine list. If you call ahead, they can hold the back patio for you.