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May 3, 2002 12:51 PM

Good Place for a Graduation?

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My Fiancee is (finally!) graduating from grad school in DC. I have been given the task of finding the restaurant for the celebratory dinner to follow.

There will be about 9 people, and the request is for something nice with plenty of "simpler" options in the District itself. There are a couple members of the family who are not as adventurous. I am trying to stay out of Georgetown because I feel like there is so much more to DC cuisine-wise that we need to make the fam spread their wings a bit. However, if there are strong feelings on any particular place, I will definitely check it out!

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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  1. Ate at Red Sage in Downtown DC last weekend. Large enough to handle your party and worth checking out. Probably a bit pricey for regular visits, but not so for special occasions. You can find a menu online by looking them up on Yahoo.

    1. Old Ebbitt might be nice if you have a lot of out-of-town family - it has a nice "DC" feel. Red Sage is a good call too. If they like fish, I am a fan of the M&S Grill (offshoot of McCormick and Shmidt) on F Street.

      Have you thought of some of the nice places in Cleveland Park, like Amernick or Bardeo? That might be a nice neighborhood to explore. I haven't eaten at these place but they might be fun. Or one of the better Italian places in town.