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Apr 30, 2002 08:06 PM

Group Dining Around Camden Yards?

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Hi All!

Got another one for you.

My fiance's company is having an outing to an Orioles game this June or July (I forget which) and are looking for a reasonably priced place to have an early dinner before the game.


#1 Can take a reservation for about 30.

#2 Reasonably priced.

#3 Within walking distance of Camden Yards.

No particular cuisine preference.

Thanks again!

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  1. I am not positive about this since I have never been there, but I think Camden Yards has a place called Camden Club in the warehouse building beyond the outfield. I know some groups have meetings there etc...and you cant get much more walking distance than that!

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      Yes, Camden Yards has the Camden Club, which is in the warehouse building which overlooks right field. Great for watching batting practise. As for food and price, however, it's more in line with the rest of Camden Yards (e.g., overpriced and overpriced).

      If it were me, I'd go to Burke's Cafe, which evidently has banquet facilities for up to 175. I think it's a really fun place to go and not all that expensive; if you do decide on Burke's, get the onion rings. Very famous.

      The Wharf Rat is across the street from Camden Yards, and they have pretty decent food for a brewpub (at least the one in Fells Point does). I don't know if they take 30, but it's pretty big so you might want to call them and find out.

      You could also take your group to the Power Plant--it's "arena style" where people can go from place to place with drinks and food within a confined area. They have three or four different restaurants there, including Babalu Grill (Cuban), Mondo Bondo (Italian), and McFadden's (Irish).

      If you're looking for something much more upscale, the restaurants in the nearby hotels could handle your pack (Brighton's, Pisces, and Windows). They are pretty pricey but they afford a great view. Ruth Chris and Morton's are within walking distance, as is Legal Seafoods for that matter.