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Apr 29, 2002 05:26 PM


  • j

I've enjoyed the doughnuts at Amernick, Galileo, Krispy Kreme and Bread Line...where else should I look?

Jonathan (AKA the son who lurks)

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  1. i've enjoyed the doughnuts at colorado kitchen.
    an order gets you plain, chocolate with crushed pecans,
    chocolate, and another kind i can't remember.
    hot & fresh!

    1. You should look at Milan Bakery/Miss Donuts on Lee Highway in Falls Church, and once you do you will look no further. :>)

      P.S. Look at the turnovers and croissants too.

      1. If memory serves, Whitey's in Arlington serves them gratis, freshly made, with breakfast on weekends. Nothing like a fresh doughnut. (and I live within smelling distance of the Route 1 Krispy Kreme!)