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Apr 29, 2002 12:28 PM

Portuguese Chicken in Balto?

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Is there such a thing?

While up in North Jersey cleaning out my grandfather's house this weekeend (he's moved to Florida), I finally got to try Burnett Barbecue, a Portuguese chicken and ribs place on Burnett Avenue in Union that we'd often driven by. Never got to visit before because it's not the sort of thing my grandfather would have enjoyed (noisy, crowded, three or four languages in the air, "weird" food). It turned out to be one of the bet chowhound experiences I've ever had.

Fantastic chicken and ribs barbecued over an open pit. Savory, but not spicy. Tasty veggies and boiled potaoes. And delicious sausage as an appetizer. Plus, a nice, fruity Brazillian soda.

So, is there a place like this in Baltimore, or maybe sort of close by in the DC area?

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  1. sadly, chris, don't know of any such place in b'more. we don't even have a really good rotisserie chicken place, now that rotisseria is gone. a sadly neglected market here in charm city...

    hopefully i'm wrong and someone will write in to set me straight!

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      Well, that stinks. I had been to that one in Fells years ago, but kinda forgot about it after that. So, what's the closest one in the DC burbs? Anything in, say, Laurel, College Park, or Beltsville?