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Apr 29, 2002 11:11 AM

Looking for a good place to eat

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Hello everyone:

I'll be down in D.C. for the day tomorrow, visiting from Phila. So I'm looking for a good place to eat, $25 and under/person, and it can be anywhere, pretty much. Lunch or dinner. I wouldn't mind recommendations up in the connecticut ave. or wisconsin ave. NW area. However, I'll be down near the mall during the if there's something i shouldn't miss down there, tell me all about it.
hope this isn't too vague. Just looking for some interesting food to highlight the visit!
By the way, is Sushiko on Wisconsin Ave. still good? I was there a few years back and loved it. Maybe i'll try there again? Thoughts?



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  1. P.S.: I love French bistro food, simple, unassuming, and delicious. Any good spots I should try?

    1. Our favorite French bistro is La Chaumière and it is in Georgetown just a few hundred feet over the bridge. It is cozy and the food is great.......I am sure you can eat lunch there (and a lovely one) for under $25.

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        I know it's wishful thinking that thousands of loyal Washingtonians might somehow forget how wonderful La Chaumiere is and pay no attention to its coziness, and stop going, and that they would never tell anyone else about it so it won't get even more and more popular, so that in this little fantasy of mine I can get a 7PM reservation on a Saturday and a good table, and they never run out of lobster bisque, real Dover Sole, soft shell crabs, and affordable burgandy wines...

        but still Kay,....I wouldn't spill the name of that restaurant to my own Mother without being tortured first! Now all of Philly will be eating my couscous!

        1. re: Bill

          Well if that post didn't sell me on La Chaumiere, I don't know what could!
          I'll try and keep it a secret...
          (but to tell you the truth, isn't it impossible to get a 7 PM res nearly anywhere on a Saturday night? is here!)