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Apr 26, 2002 03:26 PM

Anyone tried Samantha's in Kensington?

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It serves El Salvadoran food, according to the paper. Any experiences there??


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  1. You're thinking of Samantha's on University Blvd near Takoma Park. I haven't been there yet but I remember the good review in The Post magazine.

    As for Savannah's in Kensington, I was very happy when I saw they were totally making over an old Roy Rogers into something snazzy & new. Expectations were high as Kensington recently became "wet" - that is, they lifted the ban of no alcohol served in restaurants. So this would be the first new restaurant to take advantage of it. Then, a few months ago, at Connecticut Ave & University Blvd, it opened...

    .And then I GROANED when I saw the row of 5(!) large TV screens on the wall as I drove by. SPORTS BAR!?!?!? Is that the BEST they could do??? Was that the most creative they could be??? Don't we have enough sports bars in the county?? Kensington REALLY could have used a nice restaurant - the best being the Chinese one where Connecticut branches off University. Otherwise, Kensington has 1 other Chinese, several pizza joints/sub shops & four 7-11s. Luckily, the culinary treats of Wheaton (Thai! Indonesian! Italian! Tex-Mex! Vietnamese!) are 5 minutes away.

    My hopes for Kensington, however, were dashed - I don't feel like dining in a noisy bar with 5 TV screens blaring football and basketball games!

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      Thank you, Lauryn! I was definitely turned around on the two places. We stopped at Savannah's (ugh - not a place to eat unless you want wings and a beer, I'd guess) and left right away and drove to Samantha's.

      We really liked it, especially the Carne Asada and the Yuca Con Chicharron - their meats have the best marinades. The black beans that accompany the meals are also incredibly good. The prices are so low, we will make this a regular place for a meal.

      Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

      1. re: Lauryn

        I'm with you, Lauryn. My husband & I were also looking forward to - finally! - a good local restaurant, one we could walk to and order a bottle of wine (or three) without worrying about the drive home. One with NICE food. If basic bar food is the intent, fine, but this was just gross; the wait staff were all about 15 and haven't figured out that saying "how you guys doin' today?," "huh?" and "yeah" to an elderly couple (not us, our table neighbors) isn't going to result in a big tip; it was so noisy we lapsed into silence; one of the kids proceeded to MOP the floors around us while we ate; and last, even though we sat in the 'non-smoking' section, you'd never know it - the smoke from the bar was so thick it simply wafted over the half-wall separating it from the dining area.

        We're not going back. Not even if they show live World Cup matches on those 5 screens.