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Apr 26, 2002 11:46 AM

What is the best Vietnamese in the fairfax area? (Pho especially)

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Is there a good one at Eden Center (other than 4 sisters)? Hopefully one taht isn't so crowded. Thanks

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  1. Taste of Saigon in Tysons and Rockville has been around a good while and has received very little publicity lately. It's probably not as adventurous as the Eden Center but it's awfully good at what it does. It was mentioned by several in a post below and deserves some attention from those on this board. Black pepper shrimp/scallops and their mussels are excellent, in fact I would rank their mussels on the same level as Le Mannequin Pis in Olney.
    Pho? I've never noticed it there.

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      Now that I feel especially ..... I just realized that you were one of the two who was discussing this in the post below. My apologies.
      I didn't make mistakes like this when I was younger! Oh well.
      But you do need to go back for their mussels.
      Duangrat is also very good for Thai in Bailey's Cross Roads. At one time it was D. C.'s best but a number of others have caught up to it.
      You should also have Peruvian chicken here if you haven't had it before. Arguably the best are the original Crisp and Juicy on Lee Highway about two miles south of Rosslyn and a restaurant off of Washington Boulevard in Ballston next to a 7-11 whose name escapes me.
      Also, now that I've introduced Arlington you may consider Guajillo on Wilson Boulevard a mile south of Rosslyn who have excellent ceviche and authentic mole. Carne Asada is also very flavorful there. This is probably the best overall Mexican restaurant in the D. C. area right now. Note that it is not a Tex Mex restaurant. They have about forty tequilas and arguably make the best margarita in the D. C. area. (That's using a tequila that starts with the letter H and has about 15 letters. On the rocks.)

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        Thanks for all the suggestions.

        I am a big fan or peruvian chicken since we have some great places for it in NYC. :) Maybe on another trip.

        1. re: Jayask

          I am a Vietnamese food lover and Pho in particular.
          I like Eden for other Vietnamese food but not for Pho. For me the trick is to find great broth with no MSG and rustic style meat. For that you go to Pho Tayho on route 7 near Bailys X roads before you hit Columbia Pike going West on the right. They won the Post's challenge tested by Vietnamese years ago.

          At Eden I like the new Viet Bistro or if you are more adventurous go across the street into the mall and after the wedding shop on the right,go to the end on the right to find Saigon Ban Coun. They have the best food in Eden. "Cam on" means thanks; you'll be saying it to the sweet family who will serve you there.

        2. re: Joe H.

          I think you're talking about Herradura, correct? I've wanted to try Guajillo for a while - now I will!