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Feb 20, 2001 12:33 PM

Good food in SJ

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I live in San Jose and am looking for some favorite Mom and Pop places you all enjoy that I can try and add to my foodie list. Anything goes! No chains please...
I'm from around SJ West, so all areas considered...East SJ (we never venture there), Morgan Hill, etc.
Love every type of food, especially ethnic.
Tired of the same old crud Metro publishes and awards every year (but granted, there are some good ones there). The smaller places are usually the gems and don't get majority votes to get in the public eye.
thanks and can't wait to hear from you all.

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    Judith Hurley

    I guess it depends on how "Mom and Pop" you really want to be: Minato Sushi on Sixth at Jackson in Japantown is pretty down home. Also La Habana on Race Street. If you go to La Habana, don't be discouraged by the salad or the speed of service, stay away from the "paella" and Cuban tamales. The arroz con pollo and the lechon asado are true tastes of Cuba, and be sure to order maduros (fried ripe plaintains) and if you can handle it the yucca. Finally, there's a Southern Kitchen on Monterey Highway south of Curtner. Not the same as the Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos. Huge breakfasts -- four egg green chili omelets, stuff like that. I once tried to order raisin bran and two-percent milk and the server looked stunned. But be prepared . . . this is not a white-tablecloth dining experience.