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Apr 23, 2002 03:06 PM

Late Night Dining Around the Meyerhoff?

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A friend at work gave me 2 tickets for this weekend to a concert at 8pm at the Meyerhoff. I have a class that doesn't let out until 5:30/6pm in Takoma Park so I wont have time to do anything but boogie over to Baltimore to catch the concert.

What I'd like to know is if there is any late night eatery worth stopping by afterwards for a light bite?


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  1. Spike & Charley's is directly across the street. A few blocks away on Charles St. and Center is IXIA which I hear swings in the evening. Food and drinks are fine at both places

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      If the line at IXIA is too long, go south on Charles Street to Sotto Sopra. Very good Italian.

    2. The Red Maple serves until late night as well.

      1. Another option is to drive a little north and go to Tapas Teatro on Charles. Their open pretty late, and since its all tapas, it's all light fare.

        1. As it was raining last night when we got out, Spike & Charlies it was. Very nice and very tasty. Thanks everyone!

          1. Pity no one mentioned La Tasa tana which is also across the street. Nice prices and the maitre d treated us to a cocktail each on the house since our table wasn't ready when we arrived....