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Apr 22, 2002 08:33 AM

Vegan restaurants in Baltimore/DC area?

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Any suggestions for vegan restaurants in the Baltimore/DC area?? I recently moved here and have had a difficult time finding a place for dinner. Thanks!!

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  1. Yuan Fu on ROckville Pike

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      I'll second the Yuan Fu recommendation - it has good food and the nicest staff. It's a little disconcerting when you first look at the menu, because it has words like "duck" and "pork" on it, but it is their clever way of describing how the soy products and vegetables are prepared - with textures like the meat item and flavorings that would often be served with those items. They have good lunch specials.

      It is located on Rockville Pike just south of the intersection with Rt. 28/Viers Mill Rd. in a tiny strip center (by Jiffy Lube and Wendy's).

    2. My office mate is vegan, her favorites are Harmony and Amma Vegetarian Kitchen both in Georgetown. Harmony does serve meat, she says that nobody orders it.

      1. The cafe at David's Natural Market in Columbia (Wilde Lake) has absolutely fabulous vegan food. They have 4 or 5 specials that change daily. I've eaten there about 30 or 40 times and only once was it not fantastic (it was only very good). In addition, it is a reasonably priced natural/organic grocery store. Unfortunately, it's only open for lunch.

        Seriously, this is some of the best food for the $ I've had in this area (and I'm far from vegan).

        1. The one vegetarian place that is near me is Liquid Earth in Fells Point on Aliceanna; I'm sure they have vegan options.

          Have you tried doing a Google search? I think Baltimore's City Paper reports on vegan restaurants occasionally.

          Happy hunting!

          1. In Baltimore, One World Cafe has a couple locations. They have vegan and vegetarian offerings. Also, I seem to remember Sobo Cafe in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore always having a vegan option on the menu, but you might want to call them to confirm that.