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Apr 15, 2002 04:15 PM

Annapolis - Steak - Atmosphere

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I promised my guy that I would take him to a good steakhouse for this birthday. He mentioned Ruth's Chris, which made me think of Annapolis, where I love going when the weather gets nice. I've been surfing and found favorable reviews for another steakhouse in Annapolis: Lewnes. Has anyone been there? Where should we go for good steak and a nice romantic atmosphere.

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  1. Go with the latter. It's not a chain, is cozy, has good food, and isn't a chain. Did I mention it is locally owned??

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      I agree. Lewnes is excellent and has a real personality which Ruth's Chris doesn't. It's private, unique and if you have the right table quite romantic.

    2. Both operations are equally impressive and offer an identical menu. Yes, Ruth's Chris is a chain, but, the franchise owner is Steve deCastro (Marylands restauranteur of the year). The steaks at both operations are US Prime, the best, no question. But, I find the consistency at Ruth's to be better than Lewnes'. The staff at both locations are exceptionable, but the Lewnes' waitstaff doesn't have the support of a busboy, foodrunner, stockboy...etc, so they have much more to do than wait on tables. Prices are higher at Ruth's ($55 pp.)but the saying goes you always get what you paid for. Whichever you choose request Rich over at Ruth's and Kristen at Lewnes'...they're both the cream of the crop. One more thing... when you go out to eat, try to avoid the weekend crowd of ameteurs. Both restaurants offer a more relaxed atmosphere with better attention to detail during the week. Enjoy!