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Apr 12, 2002 03:16 PM

holiday party location suggestions

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I don't know why I didn't think to ask you guys first! I've been put in charge of our company's holiday party (gee, could it be cause I'm the ONLY one who knows about decent food???) and need some suggestions on location. Preferably DC, with a private room to accomodate 75 people for a sit-down dinner and a dance floor (I'll bring in a DJ), and GOOD FOOD! Every year, we've done the hotel banquet room routine, and the food SUCKS!!! Last year, I was in charge, and we ended up at the Morrison-Clark Inn. A lovely place, with pretty good food, but the room just wasn't big enough. 10 people were shoved into an "annex" room, isolated from the rest of the party. Won't do that again. Can the chowhounders help me? I've got to get on the stick NOW to reserve for December.

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  1. Well, it depends what you mean by "good" food. Guapo's on Wisconsin Avenue has a great private room, with dance floor, and absolutely ordinary Mexican food.

    1. A while ago my company rented out Gordon Biersch in the District for an evening. We had a jazz quintet, open bar, and a nicely catered meal. Despite being a brewpub featuring beer produced in the German traditional style (read Reinheitsgebot), it's on the National Historic Register of Places. The interior is absolutely gorgeous with rich mahogony vaulted ceilings, lavish columns, and artsy lighting/decor. Though we rented out the entire facility, I do believe they have ways to segment it into smaller partitions.