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Apr 10, 2002 12:19 PM

Crabs & Camden Yards

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Hey --

Bringing an out-of-town friend to an Orioles game tommorrow. Figure we'll go early and get a late lunch at a crab house.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I will be driving to the game. I figure I can walk to the Harbor and take the water taxi? or a cab?

Price is somewhat a concern, though quality and convenience are most important..!


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  1. ooooh, that's a toughie. none of our fave crab places are really close to the park. I don't know if Phillip's at Harborplace does crabs or not. Certainly don't eat anything else there.

    See you at the game, though! :')

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    1. re: pleiades

      Also Phillip's buys imported crabs. What an insult to MD Watermen.

      1. re: gourmound

        As I understand it, Phillips has developed its own "blue crab" farms in the waters of Southeast Asia, eschewing even the more common Louisiana or Gulf crabs. Personally, I've avoided Phillips ever since this unfortunate incident where I was making cream of crab soup for my wife's parents and she got Phillips crab meat, and it was so bad, it ruined even my butter, sherry, garlic, crab stock base. The crab meat was very very fishy. I would expect the crabs to be the same.

        McCormick and Schmicks at Pier 5 has crabs. I don't know where they get them from. But if it's a nice day, I'd advise taking the water taxi to Bo Brooks on the Harbor. Probably the best place in the area, at least for crabs and scenary combined.