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Apr 10, 2002 10:15 AM

baltimore chowhounders, help

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hey guys.. i'm visiting this way from nyc in a couple of weeks need your help in suggesting an eclectic place to dine out... any suggestions?? thanx all

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  1. Eclectic would define Peter's Inn. Great food, great wines by the glass. It is on Eastern Ave in Fells Point. They write the menu on a chalkboard at the end of the bar. They usually have a interesting soup, a seafood and/or pasta dish and a nice steak option. Great garlic bread and salad. They don’t take credit cards so you have to bring cash.

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    1. re: Tugboat

      shhh! don't tell everyone. We'll never be able to get a table! (Just kidding) it's small so be prepared to wait if it's crowded.

    2. hey chowhounders. i forgot to mention, am looking for solid contemporary food as well as sexy and chic atmosphere atmosphere. thanx all

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      1. re: soho loner

        Chic in Baltimore may be a bit hard to find. We love to eat, and there are number of great places to go. But we do in wearing our collars of blue. And for me, sexy can be a table brimming with number one jimmies and a cold beer.

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          Yes - we proudly wear collars of blue 'round these parts, but there are a few pretenders to Soho chic to be found. Get thee to a joint called Red Maple on North Charles St.

          1. re: soho loner

            soho loner, my question for you is this: why come to baltimore to try to replicate a soho dining experience? our town's strengths lie elsewhere, funky comfortable little neighborhood joints rather than shiny contemporary temples.

            but, if you insist, there are several places that meet your specs.

            soigne, in south baltimore at the corner of fort avenue and jackson street. new place, fantastic food, pan-asian with some french influences -- see recent posts. hip, svelte atmosphere, closest baltimore comes to soho notions of chic besides red maple (also a solid choice). red maple has asian tapas by the way, and extreme minimalist decor.

            bicycle, on light street in federal hill. light and bright, caribbean and nuevo-latino influenced contemporary american food, crowd is professional but pierced, maybe a little younger than soigne, definitely older than red maple.

            1. re: trix

              erm, what she said. you'll never find Red Maple in a million years on your own since there is no signage. 930 N. Charles street, to the right of Brass Elephant.

              there's also Pisces on top of the Hyatt- seafood orientation, knockout view. Never eaten there, so I dunno about food quality. Anyone?

              1. re: pleiades

                That's a great suggestion Pleiades, at least on reputation since I've not been there either (I'm also interested in hearing what people think). I've been meaning to go there and almost went there a couple of weeks ago for their Sunday brunch, which also gets good reviews for both food, Bloody Mary's, and view.

            2. re: soho loner

              I'm not sure how sexy or chic these two restaurants may be, but Baltimore is beginning to get national acclaim for its Greek food. Two of the best restaurants are Kali's Court and Black Olive, both in Fells Point. I liked the scenary marginally better at Kali's Court, particularly when they open the main doors, but I liked my food marginally better at the Black Olive. Not much difference between the two, as far as I can tell.