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Apr 9, 2002 01:32 PM

Odd Places for Lunch...

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I am wondering if any of you Chowhounds are circumstantially led to unusual places to eat.

In my case, I work in Northeast DC in a semi-tough neighborhood, around 4th and Rhode Island, NE. When I have business associates over and need to go to lunch with them, the best local spot I have found is the cafeteria at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, next to Catholic University. I find the Shrine to have decent cafeteria food and it is a beautiful, quiet place. Sometimes, if I go into work on Saturdays, I will eat breakfast there.

(Side note--there are nesting Peregrine Falcons on the Shrine, and you can see them on lucky days. This explains why there are no pidgeons around Catholic U.)

Anyone else find creative adaptation to local restaurant shortages?

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  1. Cafeteria at the NEA, 16th & M. The tourists don't know this place, but it's cheap food & good too.

    I used to munch at the Patent Pending Cafe at the National Portraity Gallery (lovely courtyard for outside dining) but alas, the museum is currently closed for renovations.

    Dining at cafes inside bookstores (Borders, Kramerboos, et al) & the smaller museums (Nat'l Building Museum, Phillips Gallery, Corcoran) is always different.

    Wish I could visit more often the charming cafe at Hillwood Estate which also serves afternoon tea. But even to visit the gardens, you have to call & reserve; you also must reserve in advance at the cafe.

    And I think you can dine on the rooftop of International Square at 18th & I - grab your lunch from the eatery in the basement & grab the elevators nr I Street...

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      There's a latino market in the same shopping center as performance bikes at Fairfax Circle. If you go to the back of the market there's a meat counter that also serves up some dam tasty papusas and enchiladas. They also have sandwichs.