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Apr 9, 2002 01:12 PM

Food Court bet. 18th/19th & K/I Sts.

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I am suffering through another miserable lunch from this foodcourt that is simply too convenient for me avoid. Please fellow 'hounds, what have you found in this underground maze that's good?

I've had a good burrito (actually, more than I'd care to admit) at Burrito Brothers(?), a decent chicken bourbon caesar salad at Cajun Kitchen(?), and an okay roast chicken platter at Stoupsy's(?).

But there has to be more. I know the chinese is not so good. And the pizza doesn't look too fresh. How about the calzones? What's good at that Ranch Chicken place(?)? Anything else people like at Stoupsy's? And the large salad bar place, are any of their offerings outstanding?

I am sure I'm not the only one in search of a palatable repast. Thanks!

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  1. It's been about a year since I've been there, even though it's pretty close, but I like the Greek place in the food court (is that Stoupsy's?) They have a nice Greek salad and a gyro as well that served the purpose. However, since you're close, why not just walk down a block and a half to the Greek place with the perpetual line on 19th between L and M? I think it's calles Costas's. TOTALLY worth the wait - the soups are wonderful and the sandwiches always satisfy (I like the tuna with feta). Love the orzo too. I've never had the other entrees because they're just too big but they look yummy. And, as my mom always said - go play outside!

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      I heartily second the suggestion of going up 19th to the Greek Deli (Kosta is the name of the guy who runs it)bring something to read and wait in line for an awesome lunch. Or eat a light b'fast and go before noon when the line is much shorter.
      everything is good, fresh and big. A gyro sandwich on his homemade bread would make Dr Atkins scream bloody murder. I go every friday for the biggest hunk of fresh salmon you will ever see served. Take that, Port of Pay-us. but I digress.
      Walk the other way, down I past 18th, to Lawson's Gourmet Deli. Very good quality, not exactly cheap
      If you stay in Internatl Square, La Prima and Stoupsy's are both good, and I admit that bourbon chicken at the cajun place is pretty tasty. And there's always Au Bon Pain, not transcendent but fresh.
      you must work upstairs from that mall.

    2. I'm a big fan of Stoupsy's chicken kebob sandwich. The grilled chicken is nicely marinated and cooked to juicy perfection. Good yogurt sauce and excellent grilled pita, plus lettuce, tomato, onions. And a deal at 5 bucks.

      1. The best thing at Ranch One is the fries.