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Apr 8, 2002 04:00 PM

Crab near Bethesda?

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Hi there. Coming from the West Coast and I was wondering if there were any good mallet and bib crab places near where we'd be. Thanks much!

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  1. Bethesda Crab House. It might not be the best crab house around the DC area, but it's the only one in Bethesda as far as I know.

    4958 Bethesda Avenue
    Bethesda, MD

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      I think that the Bethesda Crab House is very good for crabs (good sizes when available and good spicing). Their steamed spiced shrimp have always been great, as well. The key is to call ahead and make sure they have large sized crabs available at the time you are going to be there - they sometimes reserve so just ask. The inside restaurant is rather small, so plan ahead if the weather isn't right for eating on the outside (covered) picnic tables. It isn't on the water, so there is no view (and parking is a pain - do yourself a favor and just park at the pay lot on the corner on Arlington). I've never met anyone who would order crabcakes or other items like that (though I can't attest to their quality) - but their crabs are really very good (I've never been there in April, though - crabs will be very expensive this time of year).

    2. Bethesda Crab house is the best in that area.

      Do not go to Steamer's in Bethesda. Bad food.

      1. Thanks everyone!