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Feb 17, 2001 03:23 PM

Teatro Zinzanni

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Has anyone been? I was wondering if it is fun. The food is by Taste Catering. I can't find any reviews except from when it opened a year ago, but those are very positive. Noticed the price is now $99, except Sat is $110; used to be $125.

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  1. j
    Janet A. Zimmerman

    My sister and some friends went, and also my other sister and brother in law when it was up in Seattle. Both loved it, but neither are real chowhounds, so they didn't say much about the food, only the experience, which was by all accounts great. On the other hand, if the food had been bad, I think they would have at least mentioned it.

    1. b
      Brandon Nelson

      Hi Anne,

      Tanya and I went to T.Z. last July. Don't miss it, it's a blast. I have friends that went after we did that have since gone 2 or 3 times.

      The fun outpaces the food. The salmon entree wasn't overcooked, but wasn't memorable. The salad was a simple affair. The carrot soup was tasty. The antipasto platter was basic, but it was at the table when we arrived, so there were no lingering hungries. We had a bottle of 98 Voss Sauvignon Blanc with the meal. This is one of my favorite S.V.s. Neither of us can remember the dessert.

      Get a table as close to center as possible, even if it means sharing. Unless you are the shy type. The central tables often get "involved" with the show.

      Give it a try. It was one of my most memorable dates with my (now) fiance'.