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Apr 5, 2002 01:01 PM

Good bar in Reston area?

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I hope I am not offending anyone here by asking this question, since it isn't exactly a restaurant query. After finding so many good suggestions here for eating in my new area ( I recently moved here from Louisville, KY) I was hoping I could get some help finding a bar for my husband and his friends.

We are in Reston and are looking for a "guy's guy" kind of bar. Not a meat market, or a dance spot. Some place with a good beer selection, that could turn out a decent gin rickey on request. A bar that wouldn't mind a few jeans and t shirt type guys hanging out and debating MG's, Steve McQueen and comic books over beer's 'n Jameson's.

A bit of a drive (15-20 minutes) wouldn't be a hassle to them (especially since I will probably end up the designated driver :0>). Is there such a place, or am I doomed to "Boy's Nite" taking place in my home?

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  1. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon.

    1. Champps in Reston seems to be bloated with testosterone on most evenings, particularly Friday night. The beer selection is varied (typical domestics, imports, regional favourites, and a few obscurities) though don't expect to find something like Catamount or Double Black Stout behind the bar. They also have an assortment of culinary offerings, though I wouldn't call any of it particularly good.

      Likewise, Glory Days Grill (2567 John Milton Drive) has bland food offerings and a standard beer/liquor selection. However, they do have several large screen televisions, which is nice if your "guys" are in the mood for watching a game. Don't expect too much from this place, as it is a chain that tends to place their restaurants in odd locations, particuarly deadbeat strip malls.

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        Hard Times Cafe in Herndon has a good beer selection, but I suppose it isn't really a bar of the type sought.

      2. The Old Brogue over at the Great Falls Center (193 and Walker Road) is that sort of place.