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Apr 5, 2002 12:33 PM

Louisiana Restaurant in Baltimore

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Does anyone have any feedback on Louisiana Restaurant in Baltimore? I am thinking of entertaining some out of town relatives there, and was wondering if the food/service/atmosphere is as good as I've heard.

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  1. I've eaten twice here, though not recently (that probably says something). My only specific food comments that I remember was that the crab bisque was outstanding and the foie gras not. But I do remember that the restaurant was very loud, particularly on the second floor where the tables are placed rather close together; the first time I had dinner here, the adjacent table was so loud my wife and I could not enjoy our food.

    1. I've eaten there twice, also a while ago, but that's just because my budget won't stretch to too many expensive meals. However, both times were quite enjoyable; food and service both very good. We ate at off-times (Sunday, weekday), so I can't speak to the noise issue.

      1. i like both the service and atmosphere at lousiana (tho i agree it does get quite noisy in there during peak service hours, particularly -- as asun noted -- on the second floor).

        however, every time i eat there i leave feeling just the slightest bit disappointed. the food never quite lives up to expectations -- it's good, but not *fantastically* good, which i expect for the prices louisiana charges,particularly on chef's daily specials.

        i would suggest charleston as a better alternative. impeccable service, wonderful food, relaxed and quiet atmosphere.