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Apr 4, 2002 01:41 PM

Good Peruvian chicken in the area?

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Can anyone recommend a good place to get good Peruvian chicken or similarly cooked chicken? I live in Alexandria but will drive anywhere. I just have a craving for some good chicken!!!


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  1. You're Not Far. Arlington Has A Few, On Or Around Leesburg Pike. Best used to be Edy's, but I hear they've declined a bit since moving to a bigger place (don't miss the alfajore cookies). Try them, though, and some other places near there. Also, you're close to

    Chicken & Steak
    5240 Leesburg Pike
    Falls Church Va 22041

    Here's a list of peruvian in DC and nearby VA I've had squirreled away. Might be out of date, call to check:

    Cafe Atlantico
    405 Eighth St. NW Washington , 20004

    Costa Verde Restaurant
    946 N. Jackson St. Arlington , 22201

    Crisp & Juicy
    4540 Lee Hwy. Arlington , 22207

    El Chalan Restaurant
    1924 I (Eye) St. NW Washington , 20006-2103

    El Pollo Rico
    2917 Washington Blvd. Arlington , 22201-2115

    Mi Peru
    18216 Flower Hill Way Gaithersburg , 20879-5300

    Super Chicken
    422 S. Washington St. Falls Church VA , 22046


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      I just had their chicken on Monday night and it was GREAT. We generally go to the Crisp & Juicy in Falls Church, but I decided to try this place instead. The chicken has more flavor and a bit juicier. The only down side is when I ordered beans; I did not get the black beans. I got something that was more like refried beans instead.

    2. I have had really good luck at Crisp and Juicy in Falls Church. I can't say the same for the branch in Rockville.

      1. In Adams Morgan there's Granja de Oro at Columbia and 18th. The place is a serious dive, but the chicken is great.

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          Granja d'oro has a branch in Falls church at Annandale Road near Route 50. Free parking. you won't have to fight the Adams Morgan traffic and parking problem.

        2. f
          foodie in lawyer's clothing

          I happen to really like Pollo Rico in Arlington. REALLY cheap, but really good. Unfortunately, rumor has it that its lease runs out at the end of '02, and won't be renewed.

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            A shame. But the chowhound thing to do is to bond NOW with management, so you can find out right away if they reopen elsewhere. Maybe even extract an email address or home phone number. Tracking is everything.

            1. re: foodie in lawyer's clothing

              second the endorsement of Pollo Rico in Arlington.Parking is a problem and you'll probably have to wait in line. But worth it.

            2. I'm not entirely certain that it's Peruvian, but there is a chicken place in the little strip mall directly across the street from the Huntington metro on North Kings Highway. There is also a great latino market there...