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Feb 16, 2001 03:48 PM


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Has anyone been to Glow (formerly Moonshine on Broadway) yet? I can't remember how bad the review in the Chron was, but I'm more interested in the atmosphere and the bar scene. Would it be a nice place for cocktails afterwork? Please advise fellow hounds ;)

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  1. The bar looked pretty good when we were there a few weeks back, just don't eat anything. Black Cat just re-opended across the street. We had some fun "small plates" with our drinks on Monday night. I do hate the bar downstairs (with stupid TV's on the walls), but the upstairs is nice. If you are in that area, why not try Enrico's? Bix and Tosca are also close by, as are MC2, Globe and Cypress Club.

    Happy drinks!

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      Thanks for the info... I've worked in this neighborhood for so long that I'm very well known in all those places you mentioned (and then some) ;) Always looking for new haunts!!

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