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Apr 3, 2002 06:19 AM

George Foreman Grill Questions...

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I was given a G.F. Grill by my family for my Birthday. Nice, but since I cook all the dinners in the household, perhaps an ulterior motive was at work.

Anyway, I have made marinated pork chops and chicken breasts so far, and I think I may be doing something wrong. My wife says they are "too moist" and my son, who loves grilled chicken breasts, just picks at them.

Anyone out there know the proper tricks to this gizmo? Also, any proven recipes and dishes would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try cutting down the number of meals you prepare for them.

    Hunger is the best sauce.

    -Ben Jonson

    1. Okay, who doesn't like their chicken moist? That's what I love most about the Foreman. No dry chicken breasts!

      This may sound strange, but try using no marinade, or just a spice rub, or really drying the chicken off before putting it in the GF. It comes out so moist on its own that maybe all it needs is a little sauce or spice to kick it up afterwards!

      I frequently use my GF to grill chicken that I'm using in other recipes, like enchiladas. Especially when things are being double-cooked - it's nice to have moist yummy chicken.

      Try hamburgers or any other kind of burger (salmon, turkey, garden) on there. Hot dogs are supposed to be great too.

      Are you preheating the grill? If you're cooking something for, say, 5 minutes, you should turn the grill on for 5 minutes, then put your food in for another 5. That way the grill is hot enough.

      I have never tried pork chops in mine, and I have heard to be careful with steak. I have successfully grilled shrimp and scallops and have heard good things about vegetables (like peppers and onions.)

      Good luck!

      1. In terms of reducing fat and associated calories this grill is really no different than any grill with a raised or ridged grill surface. A large All Clad grill pan accomplishes the same purpose in that much of the juice runs off from the meat into the tray or flat area of the pan. Also remember that the amount of juice that runs off is proportionate to the fattiness of the meat. As an example if you use 70% lean beef you are going to lose an awful lot of calories and have a great deal of run off as compared to 93% extra lean. BUT look at the calories on the meat wrappers before you start to cook. The 70% has double or more the amount to start with than the 93% meaning that the Grill (Foreman, All Clad, etc.) is accomplishing much less.
        Regardless of the grill a very simple, very low calorie low fat meal is 93% ground beef, sliced sweet spanish onion and fresh sliced mushrooms. Essentially you'll end up with sauteed mushrooms and onions over a chopped steak that is really good. Just be careful not to let the onions or mushrooms burn since you cook all three at the same time and the onions may really caramelize.