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Mar 29, 2002 03:50 PM

Crab Season Starts Monday

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Crab season is opening Monday the 1st!

any local establishments doing anything special to ring in the season!?

(Cantler's is my favorite for smash&eat!)

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  1. I am not sure what that means....Maryland hardshells don't really arrive until June or so. Which crabs are you referring to?

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC

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    1. re: Jim Zurer

      Crab season in MD officially starts on April 1 and runs through December 15. See link below for
      the new crabbing regulations effective in MD for 2002.


      1. re: Amy

        Thanks Amy for the assist. I guess from the lack of responses no one wwas doing anything to start the crab season.

        1. re: Donager

          Here's an interesting article about the state of crab season in MD so far. Apparently, the crabs don't know its crab season yet...