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Feb 15, 2001 04:16 PM

Soi 4 Bangkok Cuisine

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Has anyone tried Soi 4 Bangkok Cuisine on College Avenue, 1 door down from Uzen?

The menu looks very good...

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  1. i've been a few times now, it's pretty darned good...a little pricey compared to your average Thai place but the dishes are not standard and you don't have to get pad thai and cross your fingers when you go there, you know? if you ask for spicy, they will oblige, which is also a plus. this weekend we got a huge dish of very fresh mussels in the shell in a tangy broth, it was great.

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      Alexandra Eisler

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm picky about Thai food and was intrigued by the menu. I'll try it next time I'm in the neighborhood.